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Negaia Team - 12.05.2018 - 13:51

It's time the revision number is counted up from 2 to 3. Here are the most important changes.

The largest extension in version is not yet available for players. It is the album capital Profanripa. However, there are also visible changes for the players.

Fields and a Peasant NPC have been implemented in Santhnor West. In addition, there are now pigs in Santhnor West.

Another important innovation is the water in Negaia. There is nothing more to admire purple - So almost. So small gag and in memory of the Shaderprobleme with the water there is the purple Poroniumbach in Ligarien, on which now glowing mushrooms watch. An NPC explains the nourishing details.

The next important improvement has been made on the server side. It happened under some circumstances that NPC stopped and the trees in the starting area spawned no leaves and old branches. This problem has been resolved by the fact that the services on the server automatically restart if they stop for any reason.

And now have fun with the patch