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Negaia Team - 29.04.2018 - 14:39

The new patch brings some bugfixes and simplifications for the player.

The new patch includes the following things:

New features:
- More tutorial inserts in leagues have been added.
- Success: Now you can make yourself useful - For completing the start quest series.
- If you sell unique goods in the office, you have to pick up his proceeds in the office. You will now be informed at the game start in the chat, if there is something to pick up.
- If you want to sell unique items, then the price input flashes to indicate that a price entry is to be made.

Fixed bugs:
- The account in leagues works again.
- If you write in the chat or bug reporter is the key V no more Astral look triggered.
- If you write in the chat, the SPACE key will not get up.
- If you get a deed of ownership, then you will now be registered as the owner.
- For building repairs, the bag weight is now calculated correctly.
- In the fields, the entire field is occupied when planting.