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Negaia Team - 22.03.2018 - 16:49

The banking system was the focus of the current patch.

The new patch will implement the first part of the banking system. This was necessary due to the housing system, as the proceeds for the use of the workshops are somewhere to write well.

The banking system is divided into two parts:

Part 1 - Central Bank of the Gods
The Central Bank of the Gods provides each player family with an interest-free credit balance. The Central Bank of the Gods has a wide network of NPC available to players for banking.

Part 2 - Private Banks
Private banks are banks that a player (bank director) can found.
After completing a quest line, the player can purchase a banking license. This banking license must then be secured by another number of players (investors) with one deposit. After a minimum deposit has been made, the bank can be opened in the Great Grotto of Lantax.
From then on, the bank will receive a daily base rate on all its deposits.
The Board of Management has the following powers after its founding:
- Distribute profits in whole or in part
- Offer accounts
- forgive loans
- make speculative transactions
- Hire / fire banker NPCs and place them in the world

The private banks will be realized at a later date.

We hope you enjoy testing your account.