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Negaia Team - 09.03.2018 - 10:20

Much has happened in the last few days - patch - have been released with many new features.

The focus was on the removal of bugs, the implementation of a patcher and the implementation of some wishes of the players. I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for the ideas presented in the wish well in the Negaia Forum.

I do not want to list everything in the bugs - here are just the most important things:

* The mounts are now displayed correctly when entering and leaving the area of ??interest (AoI).
* The weight calculation of the bag has been revised and now works properly.
Crashes in the area of ??the furrier in Nurimon have been fixed.

A detailed list of bug fixes can be found in the patch notes - Negaia Patch Notes

Following player wishes and features were implemented:

* A patcher was integrated - i. The download from the website is now only 15MB and all other data is downloaded from the patcher. For a new patch, only the modified and supplemented data will be downloaded. This shortens the waiting times considerably.
* For the purchasable land of the housing system in the villages, the house numbers of the plots are implemented on signs. In addition, players can upload a family crest via the Negaia website, which will be displayed on the house number stand.

Implemented and still open ideas can be found in the Wishing Well in the Negaia Forum - Negaia Forum Wunschbrunnen

Thanks again to all players and readers