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Negaia Team - 25.02.2018 - 18:06

With this patch come from the players desired reliefs in the crafting system.

In this patch, the wishes of the players regarding the crafting system were in the foreground - because the procurement of the necessary items for a house construction was very monotonous. After the team had discussed in the last week how these wishes to take into account the following two features came out:

Batch Processing: In the context menu, recipes now have the option of using the recipe as batch processing. All you need to do is to keep the raw materials in the bag and wait until everything is produced.

Journeyman NPCs: These NPCs can be found in the workshops. These can be commissioned against the payment of a fee to produce certain craft-specific items. The following journeymen are implemented:
- Lieviant Kem (blacksmith): iron bars, iron nails, iron bars
 - Andor Orp (carpenter): wood, wooden boards, squared timbers, roof shingles
 - Linus Garg (Tailor): Simple tote bag
 - Hama Hant (Weavers and Spinners): Bobbin, Simple Cloth

In addition, some bugs regarding some NPCs have been fixed:

- The NPC "Anorius Wiz" on the island in leagues is visible again.
- The NPC "Geror Blak" , which sold the Rotarians in the Citadel has been revised. Building a Rotar is now much easier to handle.

The acceleration button on the character window now works on mounts, like the Rotarus.

We hope you enjoy playing and testing Negaia.