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Negaia Team - 18.06.2017 - 17:35

Three weeks of intense work are behind us. But the result can be seen. In addition to the highlight of the mountsystem, some quests and bug fixes have been introduced.

The work has been more than worthwhile and diligent players can now buy a Rotarus in the citadel of Ligaria. But beware the vehicle is not water resistant!

In addition, we have implemented a quest series in the Sturmwehrveste in Ligarien, which we have seen very well in our view. In addition, the starting quests of the people were rounded off with a lord of the Black Order. Last but not least, we have placed another card dealer at the crossroads in Santhnor East.

At the bugs, we were also diligent:
- The Collider model of the cabin on the Taurus has been reworked. Now it is no longer possible to operate the switches by rotating the camera.
- Entering numbers in input fields no longer causes the avatar to react to the main menu.
- Recipe names are now displayed in the merchant dialog.
- Incognito status is now handled correctly.