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Negaia Team - 15.05.2017 - 19:28

The work on the airship is a bit longer and the holiday season of our programmer is at the doorstep. That is why we ask you to be patient with regard to the airships - it will be worth it.

The patch still has some important bug fixes and useful features for you.

New features:
- A friend list is available.
- The prices between yarn spool and simple fabric have been adjusted so that further processing is worthwhile.
- When a new bug is created, a message is sent in the chat.
- In the dealer dialog, there is now a reply option, which automatically opens the bag.

Fixed bugs:
- Dropped objects fall to the ground and are involved in the physics.
- GUI error in the character selection - color change was faulty.
- The buttons of the quest dialogs now react correctly to the mouse.
- Corrected the flicker of the camera during steep climbs.
- The staircase of the office in Santhnor East can now be walked.
- You get the message "This is too heavy" when removing unsold items and money bags from the office. This has been fixed.
- The price of the item "Leinard's head" is no longer negative.
- The crosshair in the shotguns is again available.
- The tooltip of the character attributes no longer flickers when the avatar moves.
- The message "You do not have the necessary skills" was not played under certain circumstances.
- Tooltip was displayed when opening the manual under certain circumstances.

We would like to present you with the Taurus class airships a unique playing experience and not half-finished things. The wait will be worth it.