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Negaia Team - 07.05.2017 - 09:33

With the patch we have inserted a small patch to fix interfering errors in the trading system. The announced Taurus-class airship has been completed and is currently in the internal test phase.

The patch comes with a few important bug fixes and useful changes.

New features:
- The net playing time of the individual characters is included.
- The despawning time of flax was extended from 60 to 180 seconds.
- The global can now be called with / G and with / g.
- The Globalchat button has been modified. By clicking on the chat button, the Globalchat is activated by clicking again. When the Globalchat is activated, the button lights up blue.
- If one with the Camera to the character ranzoomt, then in the close range in the Firstperson-View is switched.

Fixed bugs:
- The scrolling area of ??the Quest GUI has been increased by 10px so that the text is not truncated.
Under certain circumstances, items in the ground disappeared. This has been fixed.
- remove the context option (inventory / equipment) has been renamed to store.
- Under certain circumstances, the trader did not pay any money for common items. This problem has been fixed.
- The use of recipes was not possible after a change of character.
- The Daily Quest at Miceli Kromand in Elis is available again.
- Various shader errors have been fixed.
- The collision model of the inn in the village of Elis and Santhnor has been reworked - the player can no longer jump from you through the windows.
- The description of the floating buttons was in the manual and has been changed.
- The Montupus NPC of the "The Dilemma" quest row now dropped the right item.
- When sitting, no rotation data is now sent to the server and AOI.

The airship of the Taurus class, which was originally announced for this patch, is expected to be released next week with Patch


14.05.2017 - 11:31 - Terrestorius

Hey Bytejunkie - Dein Alkoholproblem macht mir wirklich zu schaffen.

07.05.2017 - 11:27 - Byte

Hey, das einzige was mich störte, war Micellis Aufstieg zum Händler, so dass meine Biervoräte zur Neige gingen. :D Aber das Handeln werde ich gleich mal unter die Lupe nehmen. ;) Grüße