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Negaia Team - 25.04.2017 - 20:46

The new patch comes with a lot of news. A central point is the included "server performance patch", which increases the performance of the game servers by up to 95%!

The "server performance patch" is the central point of the patch By upgrading the Smartfox2X-based game server and adjusting the server code, the server's performance could be increased by up to 95%. At the same time the traffic was reduced by approx. 90%. In detail, this is an adaptation of the area of ??interest (AoI).

Another milestone is the elimination of the "Ground-Colliding-Bug". This has often led to players being trapped in the falling animation without a chance to escape this.

In addition, numerous shader, textures and model optimizations were made.

Details about the new features and bugfixes can be found in the Patchnotes.