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Negaia Team - 11.04.2017 - 19:21

With the patch, a lot of bugs have been fixed and at the same time a variety of desired features have been implemented.

Here is the excerpt from the Patchnotes of the version

New Features:
- A tooltip for the available items is now implemented in the NPC dealer dialog.
- Trees are precipitable and can be used as a raw material source for old branches. (First of all, a tree at the Na Kai clan in Santhnor east)
- The NPC data is reset after the server restart.
- Tutorials are available on the website.
- The volume can be set separately via the setup menu.
- Weapons can be changed between hands without removing them.
- The player's avatar exhausts when he runs.
- The Avatar evaluates the damage - but without dying.
- Clothes are restricted to peoples. e.g. Shoes can not wear albums.

Fixed bugs:
- The character can not be rotated when praying / kneeling.
- Bugreporter GUI: After sending / closing the text fields are deleted.
- Bugreporter GUI: Disable avatar movement when the GUI is open.
- Bugreporter GUI: Chateingabe is deactivated as long as the bugreporter is open.
- Hairdresser Santhnor Ost: Grasses no longer look through the ground.
- Quest GUI: The scrolling area is reset when open.
- Equipment information: The equipment information is now opened in front of the equipment window and not behind it.
- The flickering of street lanterns has been reduced.
- Collision problem with the wells has been fixed.
- Swimming in the sea works.

The following features are planned for version
- Another quest line for Santhnor (Leinard quest).
- An NPC at Videndra in Ligaria, who sells / gives away a card.
- The people of the albs.