Negaia Team - 07.01.2017 - 12:37

Die ersten Bugs sind gefixt und die ersten Wünsche erfüllt. Negaia erwartet euch!

Behobene Bugs:
-The rocker jacket is not wearable
- Show needed workshop in reciept
- Metal fence is transparent (Cemetery Santhnor East)
- Music volume changeable
- Tooltip for items in inventory
- Tooltip for the buttons in character creation menu
- Reallife clock
- Available TAB-key in login screen
- Tooltip for character attributes
- View angle of camera should be fixed in stillstand
- In the windmill (Ligaria) is grass going through the buttom
- On entering the chat the character ist still moving
- Using the bugreporter actives chat and moves character
- Steps in the stables (Nurimon) can not moved up
- Scalable character window
- Right click centers the mouse
- UIs should be closed by pressing ESC
- Breath UI didn't despawning if breath is refilled
- Close game via UI
- Stairs can only by used in runnning in the tree house (Ligaria)
- Falling/running in the sky/falling damage
- collision on invisible branches on maple tree

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